In 2009 Box NATS formed the KOBRA Trust.
The objectives of that Trust are to:-

    1. Increase knowledge of the Roman occupation of the village by:
  • creating a detailed, illustrated, narrative account of the Roman structures below Box. This account has been written by Mark Corney “The Romano-British Villa at Box, Wiltshire; a reapprasal and assessment of the Archaeological Evidence” This places the site in its regional and national context.
  • publishing a comprehensive book for general circulation explaining the significance of the Roman history and ruins of Box. This book, written by Mark Corney, became available for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the summer of 2012.
  • construct a model of the Roman structures in Box. This was completed in April 2012 and is housed in the Selwyn Hall Library (details here)
  • arranging annual sessions for the children of Box School to show them the model in the village library and to take a group to the Roman Baths in Bath.
  • taking any action to promote the increased knowledge of Roman occupation in the village. This is on-going with requests in the Parish Magazine for artfacts to be brought to KOBRA trustees for identification. It is hoped that ‘Roman Days’ can be organised in the village.

    2. Investigate the Roman structures in Box. Very few opportunities to do this will arise but, if they do, members of KOBRA hope to be involved.

Having achieved all of its objectives, the KOBRA Trust was formally wound up at a meeting on 1st February 2017 when it was decided that all documents and finances should be passed to Box NATS.

‘Box Roman Villa goes public’by Richard Hodges, Current Archaeology, Issue 277

Richard Hodges OBE, FSA is President of the American University of Rome and former Professor and Director of the Institute of World Archaeology at the University of East Anglia. He acquired his interest in archaeology while at Box School; his father still lives in Box. He is Chairman of the KOBRA Trustees.
Richard wrote the following article in 1967:-
‘My first excavation: the Roman Villa in Box(1967)’ by Richard Hodges.


Comparing Villa plan with Box Library model

Making mosaics, Roman Baths, Bath

Learning about Roman food, Roman Baths, Bath

Roman ladies, Roman Baths, Bath

Roman lady - Chestnut class teacher